We represent a community of Artist in a fair, open and transparent manner of business arrangement. These Artists are experts in Illustrations, Portraits & Caricatures and Cartoons & Comics.
Important: Our Custom Drawing Services provide the client with Full Rights and Ownership of the finished products.
Our Custom Drawing Service Steps:
  1. Download the following PDF [CustomDrawingForm.pdf] and fill in the form.
  2. Email the PDF and any other additional information to [aung@neromathitis.com]
  3. We will find the best matching Artist, if possible up to 3 that will meet your requirements. We will then provide a Quotation and other terms of service for each of the Artist.
  4. Select the Artist that suites your requirements.
  5. Once you make Full Payment, work will start according to the Contract.
  6. After the work is completed, the final product will be delivered either digitally or physically depending on the Contract.

Sample Caricature drawings:


Sample Drawings (A very small sample):